Family Business Succession

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It’s been a while but we’re excited to return with a podcast series on family business succession. Michael Fox, the managing director at KMT Partners, is an expert in family business with many years of intensive experience in the industry. His primary pursuit is supporting family enterprises and emerging businesses in renewal, value building and transition to the next generation. Collaborating with owners and family members, he draws on his involvement in Family Business Australia and leadership (and accreditation) of STEP to counsel navigating confronting situations, imparting advice in their business model, strategy, management and governance to guide their success.



Episode 1: The fundamentals of family business succession – We kick off the series by focusing on some of the fundamentals of family business succession – Getting your values right and planning to hand over the reins…

Episode 2: The challenge of transition in a family business – This is the second blog about the handover of a family business, from one generation to the next. We talk about the challenge of transition, particularly how to do it to ensure business continuity…

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Episode 3: Conflict! When it gets ugly in a family business – In this blog, we talk about conflict. Conflict is inherent in any business but, with a family business, there are also inherent complications…

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