About Us

Our story

KMT Partners began as a small accounting practice in Adelaide, South Australia, established by Dr Andrew Toth in 1967. A migrant from Hungary, Andrew studied by correspondence to earn his qualifications. He later leased his practice while gaining further experience with PwC in Fiji, before returning to run the practice independently. While other new migrants turned to him as their local business expert and confidante, his clientele grew to attract a broad range of individuals and businesses seeking tax and accounting advice.

During the 1970s, Andrew’s daughter Katalin (Kathy) joined the practice for a short time before working in the tax office. She was drawn back to support her father and took over the business in 1985. Growth continued and, in 2000, Kathy sought support for the practice, creating an equal partnership with Michael Fox. While Kathy would specialise in superannuation, Michael became the firm’s tax expert, both working collaboratively to deliver clever solutions for their clients.

KMT Partners became a recognised and respected accounting firm in Adelaide, known to partner with clients, seeking to understand the whole picture, not just one element of their personal or business affairs.

Family business and a partnering approach have been with us from the beginning. Today, Kathy has transitioned to Chair, while Michael continues to develop and expand our team as Managing Director, with an entrepreneurial business advisor, Noel Lindsay. joining us as a Director. Chrisanthe Lekatis has joined us as a Director leading our Accounting Management and Business Services.

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Our purpose

Giving you control to achieve your aspirations.

We help you manage your financial affairs and achieve peace of mind with our comprehensive range of accounting, tax, business advice and financial planning services.

This underpins our Values:

  • Sharing – knowledge, learnings, and experience
  • Caring – wanting the best for the benefit of people, businesses, and clients
  • Contributing – acting to make a positive difference

Our team

At KMT Partners, it’s about putting our people at the heart of everything we do. Our team are multigenerational, multicultural, and multi-skilled, all contributing to the creative solutions to support our clients.

With specialised skills and extensive experience across the industry, our team at KMT Partners are committed to making a positive impact, helping you achieve your financial and business objectives.

We are living in an ever-changing, uncertain business environment. That’s why our team are also constantly learning and investing in developing new skills to stay on top of industry trends. New technologies and tools help facilitate communication with our team, drive efficiencies and deliver value to you, our clients.