Ahead of the Game – Episode 15: Dan Smith (Startup accelerator or a Business Program?)

Ahead of the Game – Episode 15: Dan Smith (Startup accelerator or a Business Program?)

In this new episode of Ahead of the Game brought to you by KMT Partners. We interviewed Mr Dan Smith, a country manager for Mass Challenge who provided us information about which is the most suitable program, a startup accelerator or a new business program and the issues associated with it.

Mass Challenge is a startup accelerator with a global network in throughout Boston, London, Mexico, Adelaide and more.

Dan has had significant exposure to startup and new business programs, and we talk about a range of issues, including – the purpose of a startup accelerator, other new business programs and the different functions on offer. And then there’s the big question: Which program, if any, is right for you?

We also talk about startup ecosystems, and how startups can transition out of the safety net of these supportive programs into the real world.

And then we chat with three startup founders who have just been through the MassChallenge program to talk about the birth of their companies.

Will Conlon, Think Holographic www.thinkholographic.com/
Hugh MacGillivray, Hop The Wall www.hopthewall.com.au/
Richard Kwan, Titan Online


MassChallenge – www.masschallenge.org

Startup Adelaide – www.startupadelaide.com.au


The Executive Roundtable – The www.theexecutiveroundtable.com.au/

CEO Institute – www.ceoinstitute.com/




This podcast is brought to you by KMT Partners. KMT is a leading accounting and wealth management advisory firm in South Australia, assisting you to emerge, renew, grow and build resilience in business, themes which are central to this podcast series. For more information visit KMTpartners.com.au

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This podcast is hosted and produced by Andrew Montesi from Apiro Consulting apiroconsulting.com

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