Ahead of the Game – Episode 1: Introduction

Ahead of the Game – Episode 1: Introduction


Welcome to the first episode of Ahead of the Game. I’m Andrew Montesi, and i’ll be hosting the show.

This episode is just a very quick introduction to our podcast.

The show is brought to you by KMT Partners, a South Australian accounting and wealth management advisory firm that works with the passionate people who are founders and leaders in business …

Many of these clients had been asking KMT advisers questions like .. “How do I grow my business?” “How do I become a leader in my field?” How do I build resilience in my team?” and “How do I stay ahead of the game?”

So KMT has set up this podcast to answer these questions and more .. through open and informal interviews with the people who are doing it ..

Entrepreneurs and business owners will take you on their journey ..  revealing stories of starting companies, growing pains, successes, failures and living their values in the midst of the many challenges.

This podcast is for people interested in personal and business growth. Each episode, we’ll bring you 30 minutes of actionable insights to help keep you and your business Ahead of the Game.

We’ll be sharing interviews regularly so please subscribe on iTunes or your favourite podcast player.

For more information about this podcast and KMT Partners .. and to get in touch .. visit KMTpartners.com.au.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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This podcast is hosted and produced by Andrew Montesi from Apiro Consulting apiroconsulting.com

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