Ahead Of The Game – EPISODE 4: Stacey George (Founder and Owner of Smart Art)

Ahead Of The Game – EPISODE 4: Stacey George (Founder and Owner of Smart Art)

Stacey George shares the story of her company, Smartart, a high end picture framing business sought after by South Australia’s top architects, designers and premium home owners.

Stacey talks about finally starting her own business, which had been a dream since she was 13. But of course reality had much more ups and downs than expected. The banks wouldn’t back her, and she was forced to borrow money privately. Finding the right premises was another ordeal. Stacey narrowly avoided a period of business homelessness, moving her factory, stock, showroom and office twice in three months. Not to mention the challenges of juggling all of this with three young children.

BUT .. there’s been plenty of highs, and valuable lessons learned, which Stacey shares in our interview.

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This podcast is hosted and produced by Andrew Montesi from Apiro Consulting apiroconsulting.com

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