Ahead Of The Game – EPISODE 5: Eddy Collett (Co-founder of Sunlight Liquor)

Ahead Of The Game – EPISODE 5: Eddy Collett (Co-founder of Sunlight Liquor)

Eddy Collett is the founder of Sunlight Liquor, a unique company that is reimagining how honey and alcoholic beverages can be used together.

For Eddy, the journey started with a passion for beekeeping, a not so common hobby that opened up his mind to issues of sustainability and the environment. Looking for a unique way to use honey, Eddy partnered with his friend Tom O’Reilly, who started his career brewing beer with Stone and Wood.

With no business experience, the duo founded Sunlight Liquor, and on a steep learning curve, Eddy and Tom have developed a great product, secured early sales and are now preparing for the next big step in growth.

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You can reach Eddy, Tom and the Sunlight Liquor team here;

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