KMT Partners Launches New App

KMT Partners Launches New App

KMT Partners is pleased to announce the launch of our new App – the simple way to keep your finances under control. We make keeping ahead of your competitors a ‘piece of cake’ and our new App is set to revolutionise your personal and business efficiency. With so many features and integrations there is something for everyone!

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Powerful tax tables and Calculators on a single App

The KMT Partners Accountants App has been built from the ground up to provide you with immensely handy tools and financial information at your disposal regardless of where you are, saving you time and money. As part of the KMT Partners App, you will receive a variety of multi-purpose calculators. On average, 12,750 App users worldwide use these calculators monthly, a clear indication that these calculators are invaluable to businesses and individuals. Here is a list of calculators available in this App:

  • Income Tax
  • Company Tax
  • PAYG Withholding
  • Super Caps contributions
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Loan Repayment
  • Super Salary Sacrifice (Cost/Benefit)
  • Domestic Meal Allowance


Other finance tools include a couple of Australian tax tables. Like the calculators, these tables are adjusted whenever a change in these tax rates is announced by the ATO:

  • Company tax rates
  • Income for Medicare levy surcharge, thresholds and rates
  • Resident Tax Rates – Individual
  • Individual Tax Rates for Minors & Adults


The KMT Partners App can also incorporate the latest finance, tax and accounting news on the go, provided you have an internet connection. The news section will be updated whenever necessary, so you don’t have to do anything. It can also display any dates that would be important to your clients – dates for due tax returns, the beginning and end of current tax years, business activity statements and so on.

Receipts, Logbooks and Income tracking made simple

Tracking your travel is something you want to do when using a company car, or for keeping track of travel expenses. Doing it by the old pen & paper method can be confusing and a drain on your time. The Logbook tool will record your travels for you and organise it all into a single App, which can be easily exported via email.

Those pesky receipts can be long gone by the time #TaxTime arrives. The KMT App receipt manager allows you to take a photo of your receipt/invoice within seconds and have it stored for safe keeping until you need to do your tax. The App only has access to the photos that you upload, NOT to your whole camera roll as the App will respect your utmost privacy.

Keeping track of your overall income is something that can take up a lot of your time, time you could spend on other business activities. The KMT Partners Income Tracker allows you to input all your different forms of income into one place and track it next to total expenditure.

The App offers several integrated services for App users, such as Dropbox, Xero and Receipt Bank, as well as easy access to the KMT Partners website, the Australian Security Exchange (ASX) and news sites featured in the ‘Finance News’ section.


This App also supports an amazingly effective and quick communication tool: Push Notifications. Compared to emails, Push Notifications are far quicker to draft and publish and get noticed and acted on by recipients 4 to 5 times more often than an expensive and time consuming email campaign that frequently ends up ignored.

In conclusion, KMT Partner’s decision to launch an App into the Australian market will be an auspicious one. Less than 1% of Accountants in Australia have launched an App placing the firm in an exciting position. This gives KMT Partners the edge over our competitors, which will allow us to maintain our impressive growth rate and support our clients to improve their efficiency.

If you have any trouble installing or using our new App, please contact us at you convenience.

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