Congratulations Chrisanthe!

Congratulations Chrisanthe!

KMT Partners, is delighted to announce Chrisanthe Lekatis has been promoted to Principal – Business Services. Chrisanthe, who joined the firm two years ago, has a background of taxation, accounting and business services. She has since supported a diverse range of small to medium sized clients, including high net worth individuals, with practical advice to grow their businesses and maximise their personal wealth.

“Since joining KMT Partners, Chrisanthe has been a valuable addition to our team,” says Managing Director, Michael Fox. “Her passion is process improvement, so she has implemented many improvement strategies for our clients, as well as our firm in this regard.”

With an enquiring mind and cross-industry experience, Chrisanthe has the capacity to understand and resonate with clients on a day-to-day basis, supporting them to realise their business and personal financial goals. She assists with management and strategy, enhancing their processes to achieve outcomes quickly and cost effectively. On the technical side, Chrisanthe specialises in general taxation advisory, GST, capital gains, employment tax influences and is able to tackle the complex taxation issues that clients need addressed in a way that satisfies compliance and commercial goals. Her new role will expand her leadership of the team, with workflow management advisory activities.

“I am both privileged and delighted with my new role at KMT Partners,” says Chrisanthe, “and I’m looking forward to my leadership role.”

Prior to joining the KMT Team, Chrisanthe worked in private practice, commerce and with a number of government agencies at a senior manager level

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