Coronavirus response – How we can help

Coronavirus response – How we can help

The Coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic has turned the world up side down and its consequences continue to spread across all aspects or our personal and business lives. In light of the recent developments around the Coronavirus and the uncertainty we are all facing day to day, we want to assure you that our team at KMT Partners are working extra hard to continue providing support and responsiveness to our clients through these challenging times.

We are offering the following additional services to help your business stay alive and withstand the tough times in the next few months:

•   COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan (BCP) – Here we will address key areas affecting your business and give you and your team framework for the support you need during this COVID-19 crisis

•   Review the Government stimulus package and ATO Tax relief options

•   Balance sheet reviews and talk to the ATO on your behalf

•   Prepare a Cash Flow Forecast and Scenario Model for 12 months

•   New business finance or refinancing business loans

•   Legal structure review

•   Assist with your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA)

•   Review your current home loan

Good advice is needed now more than ever

Business and Tax

The Australian Government has released their $189 billion economic stimulus package in response to the Coronavirus. It is designed to help employers to keep their workforce levels. There are key tax benefits that business owners need to access over the next few months. Our expert Accountants are here to help business owners receive the maximum benefits they can.

For any questions you may have about accounting, tax or business matters, please feel free to contact our Principal Business Services  Chrisanthe Lekatis on 0432 397 026 or chrisanthe@kmtpartners.com.au

Wealth Advice

The share markets have crashed due to fear and uncertainty in the marketplace. As has always happened before, when this crisis is over the markets will quickly pick up again. Keeping a long term focus and not panicking now is the key to success.

For any questions you may have about wealth and investment matters, please feel free to contact Michael Fox on 0417 826 863 or michael@kmtpartners.com.au

Our Cloud systems mean you can always contact us if you need us

While most of our staff will be working from home in the coming weeks, we have access to all the technology systems and tools used daily to keep assisting our clients no matter what may happen.

Please keep emailing or phoning your Accountants and advisors at KMT Partners when you need us. All of our contact details are available here.

Please also be advised that there are still deadlines we will need to meet for you so that you can receive the Government Stimulus Package amounts that you are entitled to, so we encourage you to contact us now to discuss any queries or concerns you may have. Our team at KMT Partners are here to support you, your families and your businesses.

Our office hours

Our KMT Partners office is open from Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm. Please kindly contact us in advance to schedule an appointment with one of our KMT Partners principals.

If you have any general queries, requests for bookings, for meetings or requests for documents, please feel free to contact Sharon Denham on 08 8431 0022 or sharon@kmtpartners.com.au

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