Estate Planning and Digital Assets

Estate Planning and Digital Assets

What happens to your loyalty points when you’re gone?

Do you know if you can pass ownership or control of “digital assets” on to your family?  What happens to your Facebook, Frequent Flyer Points, Instagram, Emails, Twitter, YouTube and more when you’re gone?

Estate planning and succession is a bit more complex in the digital world. Can you identify a digital asset or an eEnterprise? Do you know how to assert control or management of digital assets and the implicit digital wealth? Do you comprehend the accounting issues, valuation methodologies along with taxation influences on digital assets and digital wealth?

These issues permeate the wealth advice, estate planning and enterprise succession of all levels of business. Thankfully, we have one of Australia’s experts right here at KMT; Michael Fox.

On October 2 2019, Michael will be convening a session to provide insights into estate planning and digital assets, alongside other expert panelists, hosted jointly by The University of Adelaide and STEP SA (the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners).

The topics will cover the legal ownership of digital assets; managing digital databases and digital wealth; accounting standards and financial statement recognition of digital assets; succession or exit issues for personal or business digital assets.

Presenters include:

  1. Leigh Sagar, keynote speaker, joining from London by Zoom. He is a barrister of England and Wales, whose practice includes the administration of digital information created and used by deceased persons and persons who lack capacity in relation to their property and affairs, the administration and taxation of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and tokens, and all other related litigation.
  2. Information technology and intellectual property lawyer, Noric Dilanchian
  3. Michael Perkins, a specialist on trusts, estates and private practice
  4. James Price, Managing Director of Experience Matters, who is also running a research project with The University of South Australia on managing data as a business asset
  5. David Pender, Principal of Knowledge Perspectives, a consulting collaborative that specialises in the management and development of knowledge intensive organisations
  6. Associate Professor Chris Graves, director of the Family Business Education and Research Group [FBERG] at The University of Adelaide Business School
  7. Adrian Cartland, Principal Cartland Law  and founder of  AILIRA.

The session will commence at 7.15am on Wednesday 2 October at Adelaide University Business School, Adelaide, and conclude at 1pm.

Click here to register to attend.

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