Gold Sponsors of The University of Adelaide’s eChallenge

Gold Sponsors of The University of Adelaide’s eChallenge

We are delighted to confirm that STEP and KMT Partners have been confirmed as GOLD sponsors of The University of Adelaide’s Australian eChallenge.  Together, we will provide the STEP Award for the AgriFood & Wine category.

Valued at $16,500, including cash of $1,500, the award-winning business in the AgriFood & Wine category will undergo an analysis of their enterprise to identify how to optimise the way they operate, innovate, communicate and deliver value.

As the worldwide professional association for those advising families across generations, STEP promotes best practice, professional integrity and education to members.  STEP members help families plan for their futures; from drafting a will or advising family businesses, to supporting international families and protecting vulnerable family members.

As you know, KMT Partners is recognised as a key support partner of family owned AgriFood & Wine businesses and families.  Far from being traditional accountants, we support individuals, families and their businesses with management, growth, accounting, business, compliance and advisory services.

The Prize

The STEP Award provides the winning AgriFood & Wine business with an Optimizer720 package for Enterprises, providing insight and analysis of stakeholders across your organisation.  Like any business, an AgriFood & Wine enterprise, especially if family owned, has challenges and opportunities.  But beyond the norm, an AgriFood & Wine family business must master and manage stakeholders across generations and with inside and outside commitments to take into account.


The prize winner’s AgriFood & Wine business will be assessed in order to measure and map the way inside and outside stakeholders perceive their organisation’s challenges and opportunities whilst, at the same time, providing their business stakeholders with reliable and actionable insights into issues concerning family-centric ownership and management across generations. This analysis improves transition readiness by lessening the ambiguity, second-guessing and possible misunderstandings that can and do sabotage the process. Plus, it provides insights that identify gaps between intention and execution, leading to actions that reinforce and preserve the family’s relationships with one another, all other stakeholders and their employees.

In the spirit of cultivating entrepreneurial enterprise in AgriFood & Wine eChallenge participants, the Optimizer720 prize includes education about your performance gaps, with a dedicated mentoring session.

We look forward to congratulating the winner at the eChallenge Awards Dinner on November 18, 2016.

To find out more about Optimizer for family business, click here and talk to us if you are interested in completing Optimizer for you business!


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