Our Baby Accountant

Our Baby Accountant

It is with great pleasure and excitement that KMT welcomes BABY HUBERT into our world!
Hubert arrived on the 8th April 2016 at the healthy weight of 2.7kg (6 pounds).

The rightfully chuffed mother is our Accountant, Phoebe Dan Zhai is relishing being a Mum for the second time.

Here is a picture of our newest addition:


Posing like a BOSS with his hands behind his head:
“I will rule the world some day.” – Hubert

In more exciting news, Hubert has already flagged that he aspires to join the ACCOUNTING team at KMT – lets just say Financial Planning were not impressed…
So we’re stoked and we bet you are too!

Michael confirmed that:

“I have never seen an accountant look so cute!”


Talk about having a soft spot…!


Above all else, we wish Phoebe and Hubert all the happiness in their continued growth now and into the future.

To all our clients, Phoebe is on maternity leave until the December quarter of this year. Should any of our clients have any questions, please contact another member of Our Team who would be happy to help.

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