KMT Travel Diaries: Phoebe’s Malaysian Adventure

KMT Travel Diaries: Phoebe’s Malaysian Adventure

My Malaysian Adventure

Malaysia is like my second home. I spent 3 years there before I came to Adelaide for University studies. I love the country, food and people, but am not a fan of the hot and humid weather! Over the most recent Australian summer, my husband, children and I went to visit my husband’s family in Sandakan, East Malaysia.

Sandakan is a town within the state of Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo and has an approximate population of 400,000. Of the many activities during our travels, visiting orangutans, bears, island hopping and duty free shopping were highlights!

Sandakan, Sabah, East Malaysia

On a morning after a heavy rain, we visited the orangutans in Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre which is 30 minutes drive from the town centre. At feeding time, 3 orangutan mums carrying their new born babies showed up for food. They swung from tree to tree and their arms were so strong that according to the guides, a grown-up orangutan can tear open the jaws of a crocodile with its bare hands!

An orangutan at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre

We also visited The Sun Bear Conservation Center which is located next to the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. We were very lucky to meet a naughty young orangutan while we were visiting the world smallest bear species. An orangutan jumped out right in front of my 5 year old daughter while we were walking on a high viewing bridge. The orangutan started teasing the sun bears on the ground by jumping up and down. A ranger tried to scare the orangutan away but the orangutan just swung under the bridge and hid.

A young sun bear as The Sun Bear Conservation Center

Sandakan was the site of a Japanese POW camp where all but 6 of the 1800 Australian troops held captive died. On our next trip, we plan to visit Sandakan War Memorial to pay tribute to those Australian soldiers who lost their lives in World War II.

Before returning to Adelaide and the realities of work, we spent a week relaxing on Langkawi Island where we experienced sunny beaches, delicious fresh seafood and duty free shopping. We were lucky as my husband can speak the local language which saved us from paying “tourist prices”! We spent most of our time on the beach and in the pool which even my baby boy enjoyed.

Whilst in Langkawi, we took the cable car to the top of Gunung Mat Chinchang (as the locals call it) and walked on the Sky Bridge. Our legs were shaking as the bridge shook whenever there was a strong wind. We felt like we were standing amongst the clouds, taking in the gorgeous view (pictured).

View from the Sky Bridge at the top of Gunung Mat Chinchang, Langkawi

We also visited the eagle square which reflects the origin of Langkawi’s name. It is a lovely that island you will enjoy no matter where you choose to stay. I still remember my first experience staying in a rainforest chalet.

With strong Australian dollar to Malaysian Ringgit (local currency), you can shop and live without even enquiring about the price. If you are a food lover like me, you must not miss Kuala Lumpur. You can get authentic Chinese, Malaysian and Western food. I think food is the main reason why I cannot stop travelling back!!

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