OARSOME: Symonne fundraises $755.25 for the RFDS!

OARSOME: Symonne fundraises $755.25 for the RFDS!

It was not that long ago that our determined Senior Financial Planner, Symonne competed in the 25th Flying Doctor Rowathon in early October 2016. Heaving her way an astonishing 82kms along the Darling River near Wentworth (that’s equivalent to 41 Olympic rowing events). She walked away with the result of fastest crew (with no crew changes the entire way) which is a testament to her commitment to achieve her personal goals that she sets her mind to.

Her rowing team, the Twisted Blisters, were well-deserving winners of the Ian Law Trophy collaborating to collectively apply their energy to a common cause. In this case, the common cause was the Royal Flying Doctors Dental Service.


The medallion that each member of the Twisted Blisters received.

Whilst combining her love of rowing with fundraising for the RFDS, we could not be more proud of our Senior Financial Planner! She is determined and driven to achieve her goals and work diligently towards them. It’s these values of grit and giving back to the community that make the team here at KMT very happy to call her one of our own. And who better to help you to achieve your own financial goals? No one more so than Symonne of course!


Proof of an astonishing 3 hour training session on the rowing ergo…

A snippet from Symonne:

Symonne’s passion for rowing and oral health was born following an unfortunate incident playing hockey where it resulted in a dental injury.

“My participation in the Rowathon has significant meaning to me, with the funds raised providing much needed dental care to rural communities.

Poor oral health can lead to serious health complications and in some parts of Victoria, it is the second leading cause of preventable hospital admissions. The Flying Doctor Dental Clinic is a purpose built mobile dental van that provides treatment to small rural communities. Bringing the dentist to the people!

Most importantly I wish to support the work of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and in doing so I am reminded of my personal journey too. I came to rowing after a dental injury incurred during a hockey game mid-2012. My journey in seeking dental treatment for the injury was not a smooth one, and I understand how valuable this RFDS service is to those needing dental care.

My dental treatment is nearing an end and I’m pleased to mark that by combining this great cause with my passion for rowing. The more people that know about the Flying Doctor, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word!”


Regardless of what stage of your life you are in, there are bound to be a bucket list of goals that you dream about doing. As the New Year has hit, it is time to stop flirting with the idea and JUST DO IT! Perhaps it is less extreme than 82km Rowathon and you merely need some financial capital behind you, but who better to sit down a talk to than our very own Symonne. She’s literally OARSOME and never been more determined to help you and your family!

So linger no more; give our office a call, or send us an email. Have that valuable chat today, no obligation, free initial consultation, an opportunity to find out more about how Symonne can help you!


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