Business planning and performance management

We assist clients to establish the foundations for business success now, and into the future. By understanding your business goals, the environment, your constraints and opportunities, we will work with you to build your business plan and create the systems you need to monitor performance and act on outcomes.

We have partnered with two, proven programs to support this process, assisting KMT Partners in our coaching role, and your business in your planning establishment and measurement:

Business Propel is an online business assessment tool that provides a step-by-step approach to:

  • Establish your business plan
  • Creating flow on action plans
  • Monitoring performance
  • Real time business health checks.

The Best Practice is a coaching program that provides continuous support as you grow your business, and accountability. Our clients have grown faster, with more clarity and a better work-life balance, as a result of engaging in this face-to-face program.