Episode List

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Our guests are small, medium or family-owned businesses – many of whom are KMT Partner’s clients – alongside industry experts. Through our alliance with The University of Adelaide’s Thinclab, we interview, startups, entrepreneurs and launchpad businesses, seeking new markets overseas.



Episode 9: Investment Fundamentals (Changing the Game Part 1) – This is the first episode of our current mini-series that provides short and sharp business and wealth tips and insights and issues. KMT Director Lachlan Kennett talks about fundamentals of investing…  Read and listen here. iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher.

Episode 8: Best Practice for Business Owners (Entrepreneur Education Part 3) – In the last episode of our theme of Entrepreneurship Education, we finish off by talking with John Peterson (Founder) and Michael Parsons (Management Consultant) from Best Practice focusing on the biggest issues that small business owners faces, succession planning, capital and cash flow, and the challenge of gaining further education while running a business… Read and listen here. iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher.

Episode 7: Prof. Noel Lindsay (Entrepreneur Education Part 2) – In this episode, we continue our theme of entrepreneurship education with Professor Noel Lindsay. We talk about his story, as well as the role of universities in entrepreneurship, global entrepreneurship trends, creating ecosystems… Read and listen here. iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher.

Episode 6: Prof. Fredric Kropp (Entrepreneur Education Part 1) – Fredric has been a professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Middlebury Institute of International Studies in California and also at the University of Adelaide. We talk about key attributes of successful entrepreneurs, key fundamentals for teaching entrepreneurship, the emergence of social entrepreneurship and much more. Read and listen here. iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher.

Episode 5: Eddy Collett (co-founder of Sunlight Liquor) – Eddy’s journey started with a passion for beekeeping and which has morphed into a unique company that is reimagining how honey and alcoholic beverages can be used together. Read and listen here. iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher.

Episode 4: Stacey George (founder and owner of Smart Art) – Stacey and her husband persevered with their dream when the banks would not back them by finding their own private funding for the high-end picture framing business. Read and listen here. iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher.

Episode 3: Lauren Whiting (Physiotherapist venturing into allied health services) – Lauren has gathered a wealth of knowledge from her parents’ background in family business to owning her own bricks and mortar and online large size shoe store and is putting it to the test with her new venture. Read and listen here.

Episode 2: Joe Leaver (Mobile Piano turning and restoration) – Tune in to hear about Joe’s transition from policeman to mobile piano tuning and restoration, to mobile and storefront owner with business in both Adelaide and Melbourne. Joe’s story involves business start-up, progression, restoring century-old pieces with rich history and expansion from pianos to furniture restoration. Read and listen here.

Episode 1: Introduction –  Tune in for a description of what is to come on Ahead of the game.   Read the full transcript here.