New client questions

How do I book a consultation?

Call us on +61 8 8431 0022 or email us at and ask to book your consultation. If you email us, let us know your phone number too, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours or the next business day to arrange a time. KMT Partners is here to help.

What should I bring to our first meeting?

The first meeting is for us to understand your current situation and aspirations.

If you are meeting to discuss your personal wealth, consider bringing your latest tax return and a note on your current financial situation, including a list of assets, including your superannuation and bank balances.

If you are meeting to discuss your business, your current business plans, tax, and financial reports would be helpful.

These can be brought in person to our office in the Adelaide suburb of Unley, South Australia, or delivered electronically.

How long should I expect each meeting to be?

Your first meeting is usually one hour. From this meeting, we’ll be able to assess what happens next and advise the timing and costs associated with future services.

How are my personal, business and sensitive financial information protected?

KMT Partners have a strict security protocol, with a daily backup of information and encrypted access. You can learn more about our privacy policy here.

How much will it cost?

Before we commence working together, we will provide you with a client agreement that will include the scope of our services and associated costs. We will not proceed with any work until this agreement is signed and returned so that you can feel confident of all costs associated with our partnering and support.

What payment options do we offer?

We invoice monthly and offer payment options including direct debit, BPay and credit card. You can also pay online by clicking this link.

Tax questions

I need to do a quick calculation on my tax. Do you have a tax calculator?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has a simple tax calculator you can use. Click here.

I haven’t submitted my business tax return. Can you help?

Yes, we can — no need to stress. Just get in touch and book a consultation and we’ll assess your situation and recommend how to proceed.

Wealth questions

What makes KMT wealth services different?

We focus on the strategies you need to be successful and make sure any advice we provide is as valuable and straightforward as possible. We also understand that there is more to life than money, and the balance between peace of mind and managing wealth is different for everyone.

What can a new wealth client expect?

As a prospective client of KMT, you will obtain access to your own client portal. We will ask you to complete a secure and confidential New Client Questionnaire through this portal so we can prepare for your first comprehensive meeting. This allows you to share what is important while providing insight into how we can help you. A completed questionnaire will help you to make the most of our face-to-face time.

What to expect for the initial meeting?

A wealth advisory and planning meeting is often a deeply personal conversation, and it must be given the time needed. Typically, our initial meetings will run for 90 minutes, but we will take as long as you need, even if that means having another meeting.