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At KMT Partners we are passionate about what we do. We love working with the passionate people that comprise our clients –  the founders and owners of family enterprises who have embraced the challenge of evolution and renewal. We’ve invited them to feature in our podcasts alongside leading experts from across our network. We interview new, emerging and established businesses to address these key themes, telling behind the scenes stories about their business and providing advice on meeting the challenges common to us all.


Ahead of the Game

Ahead of the Game

Keep yourself Ahead of the Game!

Our guests are small, medium or family-owned businesses – many of whom are KMT Partners’ clients across South Australia – alongside industry experts. We talk about wealth, growth, renewal and evolution of family enterprise across the generations, taking on challenging topics of succession and governance. Through our alliance with The University of Adelaide’s Thinclab, we interview start-ups, entrepreneurs and launchpad businesses seeking new markets overseas.

Episode 17: Jean Cannon (The business of changing lives)

Jean Cannon is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has committed much of her life to studying and understanding the power of the mind. With formal qualifications, it is her life experiences that set her apart. Overcoming physical disabilities as a child, family traumas and breast cancer, inspired her to change the lives of others as well. To find out more about it, click and listen.

Episode 16: Business Risks (Changing the Game Part 5)

KMT Partners continues on with their “Changing the Game” podcast mini-series. In this episode, Lachlan Kennet will be providing us with some short and sharp tips and insights on business risks. To find out more about it, click and listen.

Episode 15: Dan Smith (Startup accelerator or a business program?)

Being exposed to various startup and new business programs, Dan Smith, a country manager for Mass Challenge provides us information about which program is more suitable for you? A startup accelerator or a new business program?
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Family Business Succession

Family Business Succession

Michael Fox, our Managing Director at KMT Partners, is an expert in family business. He has years of intensive experience in the family enterprise, providing guidance on family wealth management, wealth strategy, family governance, financial services and family enterprise succession. His primary pursuit is supporting family enterprises and emerging businesses in renewal, value building and transition to the next generation. Collaborating with owners and family members, he draws on his involvement in Family Business Australia and leadership (and accreditation) of STEP (the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners) to counsel navigating confronting situations, imparting advice in their business model, strategy, management, and governance to guide their success. Listen now.

Episode 7: The guidance of a family office to build future opportunity

To be successful in a multi-generational family business, sometimes it’s a matter of a conversation with somebody who’s got a significant background in this area and having them on hand to assist you in dealing with diverse and complex scenarios. In this podcast, we talk about having this type of person available to you as part of your family office.

Episode 6: Planting a seed beyond the family enterprise

In this podcast, we discuss investing outside of the traditional family business. This may sound like an oxymoron but, just as anyone working for or in a business, we want to pay off our house or into superannuation, so that we can prepare for future needs and build wealth. The same is true for aspirations of individual family members in a family business, with the added complication of being in a family business! They may have ambition to provide a future source of wealth, interest and challenge for future generations, so investing in another type of business or industry may become an option.

Episode 5: Unpacking family business succession by aligning values

In this interview with our Managing Director and resident family business expert, Michael Fox, he talks about aligned family values as the glue that secures proper governance in a family enterprise.
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