TaxWise Business News – September 2016

TaxWise Business News – September 2016

Please click the attached link for the September Edition of:

TaxWise Business News – September 2016


TaxWise Business News is a quarterly bulletin, which will keep you updated on important tax matters that may affect you or your business. This edition is full of handy information so make sure you have a glance!

In this Edition:

  • TAX TIME 2016 – What you need to know about the key changes
  • Simplified depreciation rules for your small business clients
  • New tax rules for property sales over $2 million
  • Tax implications for the sharing economy
  • Changes to CGT treatment for certain earnout rights
  • Expanding the services BAS agents can provide
  • Obtaining information from the ATO – Company Directors
  • Phoenix Taskforce cracking down on dodgy business behaviour
  • SuperStream – new deadline for small businesses
  • Super Scheme Smart

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