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The more structure you have in your business, the more freedom you get in your life.


When you understand that many business and tax problems are caused by poor business structures, you know how to create structures that work. Our advisers at KMT Partners have the experience to set in place a structure that takes account of responsibility, accountability, and autonomy, given your business’s goals and ambitions.

We also specialise in designing business ownership arrangements, such as Equity Holder Agreement. This can be very complex. Consideration needs to be given to the partnership or company structure, the design of income allocation, capital, sickness or death, minorities, good and bad times, value, and fairness. Our adviser at KMT Partners has the experience to develop a solution that meets the objectives of business owners and delivers value to the business.

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Watch our video explaining the concept of the 10 Hats organisation structure and why it is important for business success by clicking the image below: