Business Valuation

Valuing a business is part art and part science.


8 in 10 SMEs don’t know nor are they aware they have a value gap risk!

A value gap is the difference between what your business is worth today and what you need it to be worth to achieve financial independence.

Understanding the value you are creating is essential to ensure that you have the right option and time to maximise it as you plan for succession. A higher business valuation also means better retirement options for you when you sell your business.

It’s important to reality test your business’s current value by using an independent valuer. This will highlight how much needs to be done to achieve your target value.

Often the commercial reality of what the business is actually worth is out of line with an owner’s expectations; it’s better to establish this now and build the plan around bridging this gap.

Establishing an agreed valuation formula can provide a simple and transparent way to allow employees or other shareholders to have a structured buy in over time. Likewise, this agreed valuation formula can be used in shareholder agreements to cover how the business will be valued in the event of a dispute or unplanned exit from ownership.

We offer a range of business valuation services to determine the true value of your business and pinpoint areas for value improvement.

  • Industry Valuation Benchmarks
  • Business Advisory Valuations
  • Value Improvement Solutions
  • Formal Business Valuations

Our expert team will help determine your business value as of today’s date and groom your business for added value as a part of your Succession Planning.

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