Enterprise Renewal

Renew your intentions, reaffirm your goals.

The team at KMT Partners collaborates with numerous professional experts, tertiary and industry alliances, along with sector experts to collectively nurture the emergence of new enterprises and rejuvenation of existing private enterprises for their success.


When we consider enterprise renewal, we focus on listening to the founder’s explanation of their concepts, aspirations, capabilities and concerns. Our team of professional experts seek to identify strategies available to the founders’ opportunity, advise on the most suited approach to their aspiration, and work with the founder to implement solutions to numerous challenges of an emerging and growing enterprise. Enterprise renewal can be quite complex when it is a family business enterprise and considerations outside the business come into play. That’s when KMT Partners’ credentials in family business, family wealth management and business advice and planning merge together to come into play.

Our services include:

  • Concept evaluation, feedback and guidance
  • Entity formation assessment and guidance
  • Formation of and participation in the advisory board of panels
  • Assistance with business value chain analysis for identification of value creation influences
  • Assessing funding needs and help with the creation of funding source relationships
  • Determination of suitable possible financial support
  • Assessing opportunity financial management needs along with guidance on working capital and funding influences
  • Dealing with future funding relationships
  • Mentoring for the business founder.