Insurance Protection

Don’t leave anything to chance.

Insurance protects you and your assets from financial risk and uncertainty. If something goes wrong, you’ll want to be protected.


When you take out an insurance policy, you need to think about what is important to you, what you want to protect, and how much you will put aside to protect those things you treasure. Depending on your situation, this may include your health, family members, lifestyle, house, business, financial assets, school fees – it really depends on your situation and focus. Insurance can’t stop something going wrong, but an insurance policy can kick in when you need it most, softening the unexpected loss or upheaval and mitigating loss. Coupled with a sound financial plan that addresses your wealth creation and wealth protection, insurance can be a sensible choice.

Life insurance forms a critical part of the financial planning process, providing financial security for you and your family. A sound financial plan will encompass both wealth creation and wealth protection, and our KMT Wealth team are experienced advisors in these areas.