Legacy Planning & Management

The goal isn’t to live forever. It’s to create something that will.

When you own a family enterprise that will be passed on to the next generation, there’s a lot to consider in leaving a legacy and family succession.


As the business environment is constantly evolving, it’s important for family business owners to ask questions:

  • Can our family become nimbler?
  • Can we adapt to societal and generational change?
  • How do we need to adjust our long-term plans to cater for intergenerational succession?
  • And what do we want our legacy to be?

Many families do not understand their asset protection and family succession plans, and some have no family succession plans at all. As we all know, failing to plan is planning to fail. If an individual dies or becomes disabled without a succession plan in place, their assets will be determined by the laws of the country in which they live or the countries in which assets are located. That won’t happen on KMT Partners’ watch!

Our professional advisors raise ‘what-if’ scenarios to encourage healthy conversations to help families navigate complex, sensitive, and important issues. We will also help identify experts to bring into the dialogue, as required, to ensure that you have and understand your family’s asset protection and succession structure to minimise disputes and loss of assets, and maximise family happiness.

Our legacy planning and management services range across the following topic areas:

  • Family succession planning – Comprehensive wealth transfer plan for future generations, including the transfer or management of business interests, the disposition of the estate, management of family trusts, philanthropic desires, and continuity of family governance. Essentially, we support the smooth intergenerational transfer of wealth and reduce intrafamily disputes.
  • Preparing the next generation – We prepare your family for their role as stewards of the family wealth by involving them in family governance, family council meetings and providing ongoing education and mentoring to help develop their financial skills.
  • Protecting your legacy with structured will and estate planning
  • Retirement planning – Build a strategy to maximise wealth leading into retirement, with solutions in income generation, asset protection, social security and aged care.