Superannuation & SMSF

Your long-term wealth will depend on the decisions you make today.

Your superannuation account or self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is key to your wealth creation. It is a long-term saving and investment plan that aims to support the lifestyle you want when you retire.


Your long-term wealth will depend on the decisions you make today to invest and save. Your superannuation account or SMSF is the key to your wealth creation. Our team at KMT Wealth draws on experience across a range of superannuation options, with deep knowledge of legislation, to support you to design your future position and making sure you take advantage of opportunities.

Superannuation is a smart choice. In considering and preparing for retirement, we advise on pension strategies including the transition to retirement strategies, death benefit nomination, reversionary pensions and mitigating tax on the death of superannuation.

SMSFs provide an effective means of protecting your long-term wealth. They are an excellent retirement accumulation and pension income stream vehicle for those who wish to control and protect their wealth and investments in a highly tax-efficient manner. We can assist you in managing the administration, accounting, reporting, taxation, and compliance requirements for your SMSF, whether in the accumulation or pension phase and support clients across Adelaide, South Australia and Australia.