Virtual CFO

A Virtual CFO offers financial insight and guidance to ensure your business stay on top of cash flow.


Virtual CFO is our top-level service for businesses that want the services of a chief financial officer (CFO) without the expense of a full-time position. This service will challenge your business to move to the next level.

Virtual CFO suits business owners who want business and wealth planning advice, financial and KPI monitoring, regular contact and management consulting. We start with your Strategic Plan and develop an understanding and appreciation of your personal and business goals. Then we prepare a financial plan to take you there.

We will regularly monitor and report to you on performing your business, and we will provide you with advice and suggestions to make the right business decisions.

Some benefits of having a Virtual CFO include:

  1. Regular proactive advice and reporting – Regular updates on your financial position rather than at the end of the financial year. Financial institutions supplied up to date data to support loan applications.
  2. Timely preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns – Peace of mind that your tax returns are lodged on time and prepared by professionals.
  3. Annual strategic planning meeting – Connect your personal goals to your business goals with a long-term focus that helps you stop and review your whole business.
  4. Annual cashflow forecast & profit plan – Convert your strategic plan into a financial plan. Focused on your profit and cashflow improvement and provides a benchmark from which to measure actual results.
  5. Business performance health check – Make sense of your financial reports and highlights areas of your business that are performing well and those that are not performing well. We can use this information to make changes to increase your business profits.
  6. Accounting fees paid monthly – Easy cashflow management.
  7. An accounting system that is simple to operate – No specialist knowledge required, we provide you with all the Xero training needed.
  8. GST is taken care of – Business activity statements are professionally prepared and lodged for you.
  9. Enhanced tax planning – Know how your business is going and get recommended tax strategies and forecast your tax.
  10. Establish & Review KPIs – Know what is happening in your business and view current trends as they occur and take necessary corrective action sooner rather than later.

Our Virtual CFO package is tailored to meet the needs of each individual business, whether a family-owned enterprise or privately held business. Parts of this service can be selected to match your business requirements, as and when you need them:

To find out how our Virtual CFO service can support your business growth, please contact Chrisanthe Lekatis.