Wills & Decision Making in Crisis

Protect your Family Wealth with up to date Wills and EPOA’s

Safety, certainty, and security are paramount. If something happens, we want to make sure your family are looked after quickly.


The COVID-19 pandemic is having a massive impact on society. Many of our clients are concerned for their own safety and that of their family. We are asking ourselves a whole range of questions including:

  • What happens if one of my family or I get the virus?
  • Will it spiral out of control?
  • What about the older members of the family over age 60 who seem to be more susceptible?

We don’t have answers to these questions but what we do know is that it is vital to ensure, while fit, competent and able, that you safeguard your financial affairs by giving a spouse, relative or close associate your Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA). 

This enables your EPOA to act on your behalf if you become sick, are quarantined for a long time or become incapable of managing your financial or health affairs. Each State has its own EPOA legal requirements which we are fully aware of.

If you are a business owner or investor, it is vital that you have an EPOA and the appropriate Resolution prepared and signed so that a replacement Director can instantly be appointed to run your business or investments in the event of incapacity or death.

Apart from an EPOA, it is also important to put in place a Will or revisit your Will if it has not been updated in the last two years. The global pandemic shows us that change can happen quickly, and we must prepare for change. A great safeguard right now is to put in place an Enduring Power of Attorney and create/update your Will and that of your closest loved ones.  So many families have neither document, relying on the Courts to solve these issues, yet the Courts may be quarantined or closed. 

Working in conjunction with Autonomy First Lawyers, KMT Partners as specialist estate planning advisers will guide you and your family in the use of these essential solutions in these challenging times.

Importantly, the Wills built by our legal collaborators for you have the unique option of limiting any distribution to your bloodline only.  This protects your hard-earned family wealth.