Your Autonomy

Protecting your legacy and independence

Gain peace of mind with our support, implementing stewardship principles around your financial decision making, family business and asset protection.


Families are continuing to build intergenerational wealth, despite an uncertain environment. This presents constant challenges in business, tax, reputational, personal and health risks. As complexities of the intergenerational family structure, wealth and business transition increases, families can become stuck in a situation where family principles, delegations and control in decision-making may favour one generation over another – unknowingly. This is because consideration for decision-making capacity, influenced by health or age, may not be a factor in structuring change and protecting wealth.

Stewardship plays an essential role.

Our goal is to support you and your family to consider these more personal risks and requirements in protecting and enhancing your current wealth and situation, and that of future generations to come. We help you to sustain your family business while mitigating harm. We will provoke discussion, raise awareness and discuss critical family matters to ensure the continued financial autonomy of family members – inside or outside of the business.

Your Autonomy services support families and family businesses with intergenerational assets and wealth to:

  • Deal with the many ‘what-ifs’ that families face if a key family business member falls ill
  • Support the decision making and autonomy of vulnerable individuals
  • Stress-test the family’s asset protection and succession planning
  • Address in advance issues associated with the ageing process and changing demographics
  • Other topics that are critical to the responsible stewardship of wealth.